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Conservatório de Música David Sousa


Conservatório de Música David de Sousa is a Private and Cooperative Education School, established in 1985, born from the aim and desire of Mrs. Fernanda Rovira, opera singer in Teatro Nacional de São Carlos, and principal of the first Conservatory founded in the Center of Portugal, Conservatório Regional de Coimbra, to give an answer to Figueira da Foz growing interest to create a School dedicated to Teach with quality and excellency, the Performative Arts of Music and Dance.


The CMDS is located in two distinct cities, in Figueira da Foz and Pombal, and it´s educational project seeks Teaching Children of the Pre-School and 1st Cycle of Basic Education, as well as it also aims to promote the artistic formation of the 2nd and 3rd Education Cycle and Secondary Education, in the specialized domains of Music and Dance, in different typologies of frequency. It also provides free courses in Adult Education, in Music and Dance.

In addition to obligatory Disciplines (Portuguese, Maths, Environment Study, Expressions, English), it also provides the following disciplines: Music Initiation, Dance Initiation and Theatre.


CMDS is an Open and Inclusive School under the tutelage of Education Ministry, that, in addition to it´s relation with other Schools and several Institutions, promotes a Social Responsibility Culture through several actions that aim to support People and Animals assistance, voluntarily contributing to a fairer society, and it also initiates raise- awareness actions to a healthy and cleaner environment.


CMDS Educational Project aims to reach the goals set by National and European Educational Policy, taking into consideration the Students Profile while ending the Obligatory School, seeking to contribute to a solid set of knowledge, skills, attitudes and values so that Children, Youth and Adults can Create their Present and common Future based in humanly emancipating.

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