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The Iniciation Course in Music, Dance or Theater is a curricular offer intended to the childs of the 1ºst Cycle. The child can join any age, it is not mandatory to join at the age of 6.

Playing at childhood is very special! The plays rescue the popular culture and proporcionate them delicious moments of discovery and happyness.
Learn Music, Dance and Theater is valid by itself, without having to resort to scientific studies about the benificials of the Learning in the development os childs and teens.

The Learnings  above impact the activation of the neurons, expand the neural canals, strengthen the connection between the two cerebral poles, and developed both the areas of learning, physical and social-emotion (language, memory, space and motor coordination to feel, think and express).

In short: the art, developed with frequency, quality and rigor, its a tool to the growth and development an amazing neuropsycalogical!

Here at  CMDS we have teams highly qualified at College Degree (Graduation, and Master´s Degree), with formation in Neurosciences and Learnig, and which are, above all, available and explendid human beings ready to potenciate an efficient learning process!
That said: what are you waiting for? Enroll the little ones in the Educational Offers of the David de Sousa Music Conservatory!

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